Branding & packaging design for vegan brands

Brand packaging design that drives both impact and change.

We build modern-day brands. By creating powerful stories and impactful design, we co-create with companies that truly care and really make a difference in this world.


Moving Fruity

Branding & packaging design

Nieuw Mokums beleg

Branding & packaging design


Branding & packaging design

Karma Shoarma

Branding & packaging design

Primal Essence

Branding & packaging design


Impact-driven design- for a better tomorrow.

Huisdieren School

Branding & illustration


Branding & packaging design

Mr. Plaenty

Branding & packaging design

The agency for compassionate industry leaders.


A love for the craft of design and genuine care for our planet is what drives us forward. With everything we do, we try to make a positive impact on our planet.

Branding and packaging design for plant-based consumer goodsBranding and packaging design for plant-based consumer goods

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